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Andrew J. Williams Sr. graced this world with his presence on

December 19, 1959, in Newport News, Virginia, a birth

heralding a life of immense warmth and boundless love. From

his earliest days at Warwick High School, Andrew's vibrant

spirit was evident, whether he was dazzling on the football

field or captivating audiences with his musical talents in the

school band.

His journey continued at Elizabeth City State University, where

he pursued an engineering degree while nurturing his deep

appreciation for the arts. In the halls of academia and on the

gridiron, Andrew's passion for education and sports intertwined seamlessly, reflecting his multifaceted nature.

But Andrew's true calling emerged when he became the Executive Pastor of Cornerstone Worship Center International in Hampton, VA. There, he not only shepherded the congregation with unwavering faith but also fostered a sense of community and belonging that touched lives far beyond the church walls.

Andrew's love knew no bounds. He welcomed all into his home with open arms, sharing home-cooked meals and heartfelt conversations. His generosity extended to supporting local young athletes, cheering them on with the same fervor he brought to the football field in his youth.

Music and sports were not just pastimes for Andrew; they were passions that enriched his life and connected him to others. From the soulful melodies of Chaka Khan to the exhilarating thrill of live sports, Andrew found joy in every beat and every game.

But above all, Andrew was a devoted family man. His love for his wife, Gladys Henderson-Williams, and his children and grandchildren was unwavering, and he welcomed extended family and friends into his fold with open arms.

In every aspect of his life, Andrew radiated love and generosity. His legacy lives on through the organization created by his family and close friends—a testament to his enduring impact. Through their efforts, Andrew's mission of promoting education and community service continues to brighten the lives of others, just as he did in his own.

Though Andrew may have departed this world on May 31, 2016, his spirit lives on in the hearts of those he touched. His story is not just one of touchdowns, trumpet solos, or triumphs on the field of play but of love, resilience, and the enduring power of human connection.

As his family and friends carry forth his legacy, they do so with gratitude for the impact he made and the values he instilled in all who knew him.

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