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Board Of Directors & Executive Committee Members

Our board of directors, comprised of family and close friends of Andrew, shares his values and embodies our foundation's ethos of servant leadership, community engagement, and involvement. With many members hailing from military backgrounds and deeply rooted in our local community, they bring a profound dedication to serving others. Witnessing Andrew's commitment firsthand, they've embraced his legacy of engagement, involvement, and contribution. This shared dedication fuels our impactful work, driving us to achieve even greater heights together.

  • Gladys Henderson-Williams - Founder & President

    • Retired DoD Civilian​

  • Carlos Young - Vice President​

    • Retired Navy​

  • Aja Williams - Recording Secretary

    • Active Duty Air Force, E7​

  • Fredrick Baker - Assistant Secretary

    • Retired Navy​

  • Debra Ivey - Treasurer

    • Air Force Vet​

  • Steven Mason - Scholarships & Community Outreach 

    • DoD Civilian​

  • Marqueese Pointer - Executive Committee Chair

    • Active Duty Navy Warrant Officer​

  • Robert Caldwell - Public & Military Relations​

    • Retired Air Force E9​

  • Andrew Williams Jr. - Events 

  • Bennie Jones - Family Programs

    • Retired Air Force​

  • Elyssia Henderson - Social Media

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